The Boniface Reunion


June 14, 2003

At The Historic Fishermen's Club

Organised by Chris Bareford

Pauline's Day At the Reunion


Eastbourne Cousin Ann (Boniface) Foord (L) and Pauline (R)

photo provided by Ron and Ann Foord


Pauline with Tom Boniface (L) and George Boniface (R), Ann Foord's brothers

photo provided by Pauline


Tom Boniface, George Boniface, with Ann & Ron Foord and others...

photo provided by Pauline


left to Right: Pauline, Jane Mean, Jean Allchorn and Maureen Kerr

photo provided by Andy Kerr


Pauline and Keith Boniface

photo provided by Keith Boniface


Pauline and Allan and Dorothy Martin

photo provided by Allan Martin


Pauline and the gang at Holywell
Left to Right: Patricia Hutton, Louise Genge, Hazel Clark??, Aki Tsuji, Michele (Boniface) Tsuji,
Barbara Osborne, Jim Osborne, Chris Bareford, Pamela Allen.
Front: Pauline

photo provided by Chris Bareford



View Photographs kindly provided by Andy Kerr


View Photographs kindly provided by Keith Boniface


View Photographs kindly provided by Michele (Boniface) Tsuji


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